Smooth Away Scars: How Dermal Fillers Can Improve Skin Texture

Scar Removal With Dermal Fillers

Scars are a natural part of the body’s healing process, but they can leave you with a lasting reminder of a past injury or condition. While some may consider scars as a mark of experience, for many, they are a skin issue that could benefit from aesthetic intervention.

Here at Tondue Medical Spa in Bay City, MI, we focus on aligning authentic beauty with overall health. Our commitment is not just to provide treatments but to build long-lasting relationships with our patients. With our variety of medical and aesthetic services, we offer options like dermal fillers that can improve the texture of your skin, making scars less noticeable.

Learning About Scars: Types, Causes, and Treatments

What Causes Scarring?

Scarring is a natural physiological process that occurs as your skin heals from wounds, burns, or surgical incisions. When the skin is damaged, your body rushes to repair the affected area. The speed and effectiveness of this healing process depend on various factors, such as your age, health, and the severity of the injury. Sometimes, too much or not enough collagen is produced which can result in visible scars that vary in appearance and texture from the surrounding skin.

Types of Scars

Types of scars can range from flat and pale to more pronounced and discolored. Common types include:

  • Atrophic Scars: These are often flat, thin, and sunken below the surrounding skin.
  • Hypertrophic Scars: These are raised scars that stay within the boundaries of the original injury.
  • Keloid Scars: Keloid scars are similar to hypertrophic but extend beyond the initial injury area.
  • Contracture Scars: These occur due to the loss of a large area of skin and may restrict movement.

Traditional Treatments for Scars

If you’re interested in scar removal or pondering how to get rid of scars, there can be many options to consider. Surgical revision, laser therapy, and some topical treatments can offer some level of improvement for less severe scars. However, these treatments can sometimes be ineffective or too invasive, which may lead to a search for other options.

Using Dermal Fillers to Treat Scars

What Are Dermal Fillers?

You might have heard of dermal fillers as a solution for wrinkles or facial volume loss, but did you know they can also be a helpful scar treatment? These FDA-approved, injectable substances are primarily made of hyaluronic acid, something that can be found naturally in your eyes, joints, and skin. The main function of these treatments is to add volume and smooth out areas of the skin. When thinking about how to get rid of scars, dermal fillers can be a promising option for certain types of scars.

How Can Dermal Fillers Improve Skin Texture and Scarring?

The use of filler for acne scars or other types of depressed scarring operates on a straightforward principle: fill in the volume lost to level out the skin’s surface. Once injected, dermal fillers work to lift the indented scar tissue to the level of the surrounding skin. This results in a smoother, more uniform skin texture. It’s important to note that while dermal fillers can make scars less noticeable, they are not a permanent solution and may require periodic treatments for maintenance.

What Types of Scars Can Be Treated With Dermal Fillers?

Depressed scarring is the prime candidate for treatment with dermal fillers. The categories of depressed scarring suitable for this approach may include:

  • Atrophic Scars: Usually caused by conditions like acne or chickenpox
  • Rolling Scars: Characterized by sloping edges that make the skin appear wavy
  • Boxcar Scars: Defined edges and flat bottoms, often resulting from acne
  • Ice Pick Scars: Small but deep holes in the surface of the skin, also commonly caused by acne

What Are Dermal Filler Treatments Like?  

Pre-Treatment Consultation

The first step in any scar removal process with us is a pre-treatment consultation. During this appointment, we assess your medical history, the types of scars you have, and your overall skincare goals. This enables us to tailor the treatment specifically for you and set realistic expectations for the outcome. We’ll also discuss any allergies or medical conditions that could affect the treatment and make sure you understand the process.

What to Expect During the Appointment

When you come in for your scar treatment, we want to make your experience as comfortable as possible. You may receive local anesthesia to numb the treatment area and minimize discomfort. Dermal fillers are then skillfully injected into the scarred areas to even out the skin’s texture. Depending on the number and types of scars being treated, the treatment can last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.

Post-Treatment Care and Tips for Best Results

After your acne scar treatment or treatment for other types of scars, there will be some aftercare instructions to ensure you get the best possible results. You can have a little redness or swelling right where the product was injected, which typically subsides within a few hours or days. Avoiding direct sun exposure and strenuous exercise for 24-48 hours post-treatment is generally recommended. Periodic follow-up treatments may be required to maintain the improved skin texture, as the effects of dermal fillers are temporary but can last several months depending on the individual and type of filler used.

Consultation for Scar Removal With Dermal Fillers

If you’re interested in exploring dermal fillers as a scar removal solution in Bay City, MI, we are here to offer this specialized treatment at Tondue Medical Spa. Dermal fillers provide a promising option for improving the texture of your skin, making scars less noticeable. To discuss if this treatment is right for you, fill out our online form or call us at (989) 598-8001 to schedule your consultation today.

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