Hyperpigmentation is when spots or even patches of skin become darker than the surrounding skin. Although it is a common and often harmless condition that can affect any area of the body, hyperpigmentation of the face and hands is common. These dark patches, whether tan, brown, or gray, can affect both men and women of any ethnicity and cause the skin tone to look discolored and uneven.
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Melanin – the natural pigment in our skin, hair, and eyes – is the cause for hyperpigmentation in skin. If melanin is triggered to release an increase in production, it can cause uneven dark spots and patches on the face. Increased melanin production can be triggered by sun exposure, skin injury, acne, and hormone fluctuations.

Some of the most common types of hyperpigmentation are age spots, melasma, and PIH (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation).

Age spots are caused by prolonged sun exposure. Age spots, also known as solar lentigines or “liver spots”, are commonly found on the face and hands.

Melasma is caused by hormonal changes. Also known as chloasma spots, Melasma affects larger areas or patches triggered by the overproduction of melanin from pregnancy or birth control pills.  Melasma is sometimes referred to as “the mask of pregnancy” because the onset of the hyperpigmentation occurs while a woman is pregnant. 

PIH (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation): injury to the skin, such as acne or surgery, also triggers an increase in melanin. Dark spots can remain long after the injury heals. 


While some types of hyperpigmentation can be prevented with regular sunscreen use and avoiding the sun’s harmful rays, the hyperpigmentation as a result of hormonal changes or injury to the skin is unavoidable. Our certified and highly trained staff at Tondue will assess your Hyperpigmentation and create a treatment plan to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

Chemical Peels are a noninvasive way of promoting the growth of new skin and can vastly improve the appearance of your skin in terms of tone, pigment, pores, texture, scarring and more. At Tondue we offer a range of chemical peels to treat various skin types and conditions.


Medical Grade Skincare supports healthy skin through hydration, exfoliation, cleansing, and more. Tondue offers a range of medical grade skincare products to help clients achieve their aesthetic goals. The use of these rigorously vetted, high quality products supports and may prolong the results of clinical treatments you receive. 

Microneedling is a minimally invasive, highly effective procedure that encourages the skin to produce collagen. By creating controlled damage to the dermis using either hyaluronic acid or your own plasma, microneedling improves skin texture and firmness, scars and sunspots, and can also be used to treat stretch marks.

Custom Facials are great for all skin types and are the perfect way to care for your skin and yourself. Each facial is tailored to target your specific skincare concerns, including acne, dull skin, texture issues and hyperpigmentation, leaving your skin radiant and refreshed.

HydraFacial is customizable and safe for all age groups, HydraFacials can target a range of skin concerns, including rosacea, acne, hyperpigmentation (age spots, melasma, etc..), fine lines, wrinkles, congested and enlarged pores and skin texture.

Secret RF is a form of microneedling that targets scarring, fine lines, and wrinkles through radio frequency (RF). The procedure is highly precise and customizable, delivering long-lasting results efficiently.


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