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Many of our patients are looking for cosmetic treatments that they can have done during their lunch hour without any downtime. JUVÉDERM offers this type of treatment for those who are seeking anti-aging or facial contouring solutions. This product is a unique dermal filler that could be the right option for you. 

At Tondue Medical Spa in Bay City, MI, not only do we offer some of the best cosmetic products and treatments that are available today, but we also specialize in helping our patients find the treatments that best suit their situation. You can call and schedule a consultation to determine if you are a good candidate for JUVÉDERM fillers. 


The JUVÉDERM line of dermal fillers is among the most popular. This versatile product can be used to resolve concerns about facial volume loss, and it is a good solution for filling in deep lines and wrinkles. It may also be ideal for enhancing certain facial features. 

JUVÉDERM is made from an ingredient known as hyaluronic acid. This is a naturally occurring gel-like substance that is a lubricant for joints and a hydrating substance for skin and eyes. In JUVÉDERM, this material is synthetically produced but behaves identically to the substance already found in your body. When injected, it provides instant volume that can last for many months before your body reabsorbs it. 

How Can JUVÉDERM Be Used? 

The JUVÉDERM Collection is made up of a line of fillers that are specifically formulated to treat different areas on the face. The FDA has approved all of these areas for treatment:


The cheeks are a part of the face that is often affected by the aging process. JUVÉDERM can help to restore volume to this area to give it a more youthful appearance and shape. 


If there is not enough volume under the eyes, it can lead to dark shadows that can make you look tired or sick. JUVÉDERM can restore volume to this area while allowing you to maintain a natural-looking appearance. 


Having a small chin or one that isn’t very defined can change the shape and appearance of your whole face. By injecting JUVÉDERM deep into the area of the chin, we can create a much more defined shape for your chin, giving you an attractive profile. 


Another area that may lack definition is the jawline. The JUVÉDERM collection includes a robust formulation that is perfect for forming a more pleasing contour without a surgical procedure. 

Lines and Wrinkles

Lines and wrinkles are the combined result of loss of collagen, gravity, and repetitive facial expressions. Whether you are concerned about sagging or wrinkles in your cheeks, or you are beginning to develop deep nasolabial folds, JUVÉDERM may be able to correct the problem. 


JUVÉDERM for lips can achieve a variety of benefits in this area including improved definition in the shape of the lips, correction for any asymmetries, smoothing of vertical lines and wrinkles, and lip augmentation. If your lips are an area of concern for you, we can help with our JUVÉDERM lip fillers. 

Products Available in the JUVÉDERM Line

  • JUVÉDERM VOLUX® XC: This dermal filler is suitable for improving jawline definition.
  • JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® XC: We use JUVÉDERM VOLUMA to restore volume to the cheeks and to augment or define the shape of the chin.
  • JUVÉDERM VOLLURE® XC: JUVÉDERM VOLLURE can be used to correct deep lines on the lower face, such as marionette lines and nasolabial folds. 
  • JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA® XC: This product is a good choice for treating the soft tissue of the cheeks, and it has also been approved for use under the eyes. 
  • JUVÉDERM ULTRA XC: This soft and malleable product is suitable for lip augmentation. 
  • JUVÉDERM ULTRA PLUS XC: This product is commonly used for smile lines near the nose and mouth and other moderate to severe wrinkles.


How Long Does JUVÉDERM Last? 

Because each product in the JUVÉDERM collection has a different formulation, the longevity of each may differ. Other factors such as the area that the product is injected and how fast your metabolism is may alter your specific results. However, on average, this brand of dermal fillers can last between one and two years with optimal treatment. 

What Is the JUVÉDERM Treatment Process Like? 

When you come into our medspa for treatment, we will talk to you about the goals you have for treatment and develop a plan, deciding which products we will use and how much we will inject.

All of the JUVÉDERM products include lidocaine as part of the formulation. This means that your treatment will become progressively more comfortable as it proceeds. We also use a very fine needle, which reduces the sensation to a small pinch each time we inject an area. 

Your treatment will be fast, depending on the size of the area and how much is being injected. For most people, it fits nicely into a lunch break, and since there is no downtime, you can easily go back to work once the treatment is done. You can expect to see results immediately after your treatment. 

Refresh and Rejuvenate Your Appearance With JUVÉDERM Treatments

At Tondue Medical Spa in Bay City, MI, our personalized approach to all of our treatments means that you will be able to receive treatments that are perfectly suited to your concerns. If JUVÉDERM fillers seem like the right treatment for you, set up a consultation today by phone at (989) 447-4141, or book an appointment through our website.


If you’d like more information about Juvederm, contact us today. Complete our digital contact form or call our Bay City Office. We look forward to meeting you and demonstrating how Tondue Medical Spa can help you meet your aesthetic goals.


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