Jaw Discomfort

Jaw Discomfort

Jaw discomfort often results from TMJ disorder, which refers to the temporo-mandibular joints that connect your jawbone to your skull. In addition to pain in the jaw joint and surrounding muscles, TMJ can also cause aching in or around the ears, tenderness while chewing, and clicking when you open and close your jaw. Genetics, arthritis, injury, and stress which trigger clenching and teeth grinding can all contribute to the onset of TMJ disorder.

What Causes Jaw Discomfort

To open and close your mouth, the temporo-mandibular joint uses hinge-like and sliding motions. Around the joint is cartilage and a small disk—both integral to keeping the movement smooth. If any of these parts erode, become misaligned, or are damaged by arthritis or injury, painful TMJ disorder may occur. 

Treating Jaw Discomfort AT TONDUE

BOTOX® is an alternative treatment for TMJ disorders that, though still considered experimental, shows promising results in many patients. When injected strategically into the affected muscles, BOTOX® relieves jaw tension. BOTOX® injections may also mitigate headaches related to teeth grinding and help with lockjaw.


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