CoolTone vs. Traditional Exercise: Which Is More Effective for Muscle Toning?

CoolTone vs. Traditional Exercise: Which Is More Effective for Muscle Toning? | Tondue Medical Spa

Your muscles need to break down in order to rebuild themselves and become stronger. This is the process of toning your muscles. But is every muscle-toning method the same? At Tondue Medical Spa, we serve patients in the Rochester, MI, area with premium CoolTone treatments. 

We often get asked about the benefits of CoolTone vs. exercise, and we’re here to give you the answers you need. Find out the answers to your most important questions. What is CoolTone? How does CoolTone work? Here’s what you need to know about CoolTone vs. exercise and its effects on your physique. 

What Is CoolTone?

So how does CoolTone work, exactly? It is an innovative, modern treatment that boosts muscle tone, tightens skin, and reduces stubborn body fat. All of these benefits are rolled into one treatment — it doesn’t get easier than that. 

CoolTone uses special magnetic pulse technology to stimulate your muscles to contract. The same process happens when you work out on your own. Your muscles contract, and the fibers are damaged, causing your body to rebuild the muscle fibers with increased mass and strength. These same magnetic pulses also work to reduce subcutaneous body fat and increase collagen production, resulting in tighter skin. 

CoolTone vs. Exercise: Which Is Better?

Natural exercise is good for your body and mind. There’s no way around that fact. However, CoolTone offers unique muscle-building benefits that normal workouts just can’t provide on the same level of intensity. 

During one CoolTone treatment, your muscles experience thousands of contractions — far more than your best gym workout. Thanks to the magnetic pulse technology in the CoolTone device, your muscles can rebuild mass and get stronger faster than ever. 

Since the CoolTone results also include skin tightening and fat reduction, you really can’t beat the benefits. While you should still follow a consistent exercise routine, CoolTone results can enhance your physique in unique ways. 

Your CoolTone Results: More Muscle Mass in Less Time

The rate of muscle contraction during a CoolTone treatment is far higher than during normal exercise. This means your CoolTone results will reflect that change; you can build more muscle tone in less time. 

CoolTone is not meant to replace all physical activity. You still need plenty of cardio and strength training to stay healthy and strong. When it comes to your figure, though, CoolTone can supplement your workouts and enhance the areas you struggle with. 

Many patients tell us their workouts just aren’t producing the results they want. They still struggle with stubborn body fat, pockets of flab, and reduced muscle tone in some areas. 

CoolTone treatments provide some of the best results out there. When paired with a healthy diet and regular exercise routine, you can finally start to look as good as you feel. 

The CoolTone Trifecta: Tighter Skin, More Muscle Tone, and Less Body Fat

CoolTone’s benefits extend far beyond muscle mass. While your body builds muscle, the CoolTone device is also eliminating stubborn fat and boosting your skin’s elasticity. 

Blast Away Stubborn Fat

Your body collects fat in stubborn pockets in the subcutaneous layer. This is the surface-level fat that doesn’t respond well to dieting and exercising regularly. With CoolTone, you can get rid of these fat pockets and show off your best figure. 

Tighten Loose Skin

Loose, sagging skin can also hide the physique you’ve worked so hard for. That’s why CoolTone is designed to address lax skin along with body fat and muscle mass. When your skin is youthful and tight, you can see the definition in your muscles. 

See Your Amazing CoolTone Results

After your treatments, you will likely notice more tangible results from your healthy lifestyle. There are no shortcuts to good health and a rockin’ physique, but you can enhance your dream body-building process with CoolTone treatments. 

What Do CoolTone Treatments Feel Like?

It’s natural to be curious about what the muscle contractions will feel like during your CoolTone treatment. These sessions are extremely tolerable and comfortable for our patients. 

You will likely feel deep muscle contractions in the areas we are treating with the CoolTone device. It will feel similar to intense strength training, but you’ll simply be sitting or lying down and relaxing. 

We pause the device at regular intervals to give your muscles a break and let them rest in between contractions. You experience the same thing at the gym — everyone’s muscles need breaks. 

We can adjust the intensity level according to your comfort levels. For example, one patient may request that the device be set to 50% intensity, while another is fine with 100% intensity. It all depends on your personal preferences. Some patients find that they can increase the intensity level with each new appointment. 

CoolTone Treatment Plans

The majority of our patients see the CoolTone results they are looking for after four initial treatments. These treatments must be spaced out over a two-week period for maximum effectiveness. 

After your first four treatments, you will need maintenance treatments scheduled at regular intervals. This will ensure you don’t lose any of the muscle tone the device created for you. 

One of the biggest advantages of getting CoolTone treatments is that they only take 30 minutes. This means you can come in on your lunch break or in between errands — not having a lot of time in your schedule isn’t a dealbreaker!

Book Your CoolTone Treatments in Bay City, MI

Body contouring and sculpting are made easy with CoolTone. Come to Tondue Medical Spa to kick-start your CoolTone journey today! Call or reach out online to schedule an appointment. 

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