The Tondue Medical Spa Team is highly certified, trained, licensed and ready to give you the experience you deserve! Call today to schedule your appointment.


Roxanne Tondu, R.N.
Owner and Certified Injector


Daniel Wilkerson, M.D.
Medical Director


Erin Drapeau
Licensed Aesthetician & Cosmetic Aesthetics


Kelly Jeffrey
Client Services Coordinator


Paige Woodruff
Certified Medical
Aesthetic Practitioner

At Tondue Medical Spa, we have one clear vision and goal: To help you become the best expression of yourself.  To make you feel and look your most beautiful.

Our team is dedicated to that purpose, and will spend the time with you to help you make the most informed and educated decisions about your treatments.  We strive to meet and exceed the very highest standards of product quality, client care, and customer experience.  Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and find out for yourself what all the fuss is about at Tondue!

Why go to the Tondue Medical Spa Team?

You have probably seen ads for Botox, fillers and other injectable cosmetics everywhere.  And lots of places offer them, but that doesn't mean those places are the best choice.  Our Medical Director is Board Certified as a health care professional.  Roxanne, the Certified Injector, is a Registered Nurse with a career in health care.  Getting a cosmetic injection is a medical procedure, and should be performed by licensed medical professionals.

And you probably know a lot of places that offer peels, lash services, and waxing.  That also doesn't mean that the staff is fully equipped to do the best job.  Erin is a Licensed Aesthetician and is fully trained in all aspects of the services she provides.  You can get these services many places, but if they are performed incorrectly, you can experience redness, rashes, and even damaged skin as a result.  Talk to us in person to learn about the products you are interested in, we pride ourselves on providing you all the information you need to make an informed and educated decision.  Then let us help you become the most beautiful version of you!