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Why choose Tondue Medical Spa for your aesthetic services?

Voted among the Greatest of the Great Lakes Bay region for places to get Botox, Tondue delivers not just quality services but a glamorous experience.  With a luxurious boutique feel, Tondue is a calm and relaxing place to enjoy yourself and get pampered.  Read the comments from our guests by clicking here! You can also check out the reviews on our Facebook page by clicking here. Or, take a look at the reviews on Google by clicking here. But we want the best review to be yours! Contact us today to experience Tondue for yourself, or fill out the Schedule Spa Consultation form above to get started.

Have you been wondering who we are, what our credentials might be, what our goals are?

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Our primary goal at Tondue is to help you become the most beautiful version of yourself.

Equally important is our philosophy of "do no harm first".  We would much rather be conservative in approach and have you ask for a little more.  Tondue is not one of those places that will try to sell you as much product as possible.  Rather, we want you to have the perfect amount. Furthermore, we are very conscientious about medical history and possible complications, and we do everything in our power to avoid them entirely. Contact us today to learn more for yourself about the Tondue difference, or fill out the above form to schedule a free consultation.

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