At Tondue, we offer the Juvederm Collection of Dermal Fillers

I need to know more about Lip Injections and Fillers before I begin.

Having more questions before taking the next step makes perfect sense. Be sure to take advantage of our consultation service and schedule one by clicking Here. We want you to make the most well informed and educated decision possible when formulating your aesthetic plan. And at Tondue, we take the time to make sure you have relevant information to do so.  Contact us today online or call us at 989-598-8001.

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What Type of Lip Filler should I get?

There are temporary and permanent lip injections available.  And according to Cosmopolitan Style and Beauty, temporary is definitely the way to go. And while permanent and semi-permanent solutions are tempting, they are irreversible and little can be done to fix them if you are dissatisfied with the outcome.

If I do this, how do I prepare for my treatment?

You should definitely get that selfie arm ready! But importantly, avoid blood thinners such as aspirin or ibuprofen, fix oil, Vitamin E, and yes, even alcohol.  Temporary halting of these about 10 days prior will help reduce any bruising or bleeding.  And anyone with a history of cold sores should be taking their prevention medication at least two days before your lip injections, because a flare up can be triggered.

Juvederm Lip Injector

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