Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Most Asked Questions About Botox

Botox Before & After

Botox can last up to 3 months but we all are different in how we metabolize Botox, so in some cases it lasts longer than others.

Most Asked Questions About CoolSculpting

- How much of a difference am I going to see?

The science behind CoolSculpting is that most people get a 20-25% reduction, however, those that make lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise, can see a greater difference and in turn will get better results.

- Will the fat come back?

CoolSculpting is permanent fat reduction in the area treated with a 20-25% result. If you were to gain weight, the fat cells will evenly distribute throughout your body and won’t go directly back to the area treated.

- How much does it cost and how many times will I have to do it?

Every persons treatment is 100% customized to them so once we are able to assess the areas you want treated we can give you a breakdown of how many times you would need to treat as well as your package for pricing. Most people will need at least 1-2 treatments. Typically the first round of treatment is the de-bulking phase and the second is where we can typically start to carve out.

- When will I start to see results?

Typically clients see results starting around 6 weeks and their max results at 12 weeks as that is how long it typically takes for the body to flush the fat cells through the lymphatic system. However, some may start to see results as soon as 4 weeks.

Most Asked Questions About CoolTone

- Would I be better off doing CoolSculpting versus CoolTone or vice versa?

CoolTone is typically for individuals who are currently physically active and maintain a pretty good diet, but are in need of that extra push as CoolTone reaches the muscles that are impossible to get with just physical activity. Depending on body type/build we may look at CoolSculpting first to “debulk” then CoolTone.


- Is it permanent?

CoolTone is not permanent as muscle will atrophy so continued physical activity/diet will help to maintain your results.


- How often will I have to get this done?

Most individuals will do a full treatment (4 sessions) and if they’re happy with that then they will do either one maintenance session a month or once session every quarter.

Most Asked Questions About Filler

How long does lip filler last? Everyone is different in how you metabolize lip filler based on if you drink from a straw, smoke, etc. Usually on average 8 months to a year.

What filler would help with lines around my mouth? That would be Vollure to soften those lines and give a more youthful appearance.

What filler can be used under my eyes to get rid of bags? The nurse would use Volbella filler in that are to soften that look under your eyes.


Most Asked Questions About Facials

What type of Facials do you offer?

O2 facial is our Red Carpet Ready facial it brightens the skin its great for PH balance and Redness. They use a plant based cell, light peel and end up with a mask. It’s a great facial to have that fresh and clean feeling.

Signature Facelift Facial: This is a great facial for Dry or Rosacea skin. It helps target fine lines, accelerates cell turnover and brighten and tightens the skin.

Dermaplaning Facials are great to get rid of dead skin and that fine vellus hair. You can also add a Dermaplaning onto any of our regular facials.

Our most popular facials are HydraFacials. It’s a multi-step treatment that cleanses, exfoliates and extracts to remove impurities and dead skin cells while replenishing the skin with vital nutrients.

Most Asked Questions About Hair Restoraction

What can I do about thinning hair or balding?

Keravive by HydraFacial is a great way to cleanse, stimulate and nourish your scalp for fuller looking hair while also hydrating the hair follicles. They start with cleansing and exfoliating. They they nourish the scalp with growth factors and proteins that will help with your hair growth. They then will give you a take home product that will deliver daily nutrients to your hair and scalp.

Most Asked Questions About Microneedling

- How many will I need to do?

We typically recommend doing at least one series (3 Microneedling treatments) as that is where you will see great results. However, depending on skin/concern some clients will do more than that. Most times those that get to where they’re happy with their results (after at least one full series) will do a maintenance mode where they will do one a year, but continue with other facials and skincare.

- Does it hurt?

It does not hurt, we use a quadcaine numbing that has 4 different numbing agents so it is very, very tolerable.

- What is the downtime?

We don’t really put a “downtime” number on it as everyone's downtime looks a little different. Some people don’t really care going to the grocery store or being out and about after procedures so they don’t necessarily have any downtime. However, others that don’t like going out at all until they’re fully recovered may have a few days of downtime. Typically what each day looks/feels like with their skin and notate the post procedure kit they will be using and the make-up reference as far as not being able to wear any makeup on their skin that isn’t a mineral based powder until they’ve recovered (typically day 5).

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