Dermaplaning is a physical form of exfoliation that uses a super sharp instrument to gently shave the skins surface.  This removes the top layer of dead skin and fine vellus hair.  According to Dr. Jonquille Chantrey, "Dermaplaning cleverly triggers the cell regeneration process.  It helps to improve the appearance of things like acne scarring and hyperpigmentation and the effects of the procedure are instant in leaving your skin with a smooth appearance and a radiant glow. Along with the removal of fine hairs, it results in healthier skin that feels silkier."  Read an article by by clicking Here.


Some things to know about Dermaplaning

  • Dermaplaning does not make hair grow back thicker or darker.
  • There is zero downtime.  You may experience light redness for a few days, but not always.
  • It will change your makeup application for the better. 
  • The results can last for up to four weeks.
  • It is recommended for all skin types.  We do recommend that those with inflamed acne wait until their complexion clears up.

What else?

Dermaplaning also helps eliminate fine wrinkles.  While it doesn't do much for deeper wrinkles (See Botox) it can reduce or remove those fine wrinkles that begin to develop over time.  The wrinkle be can be fully removed, with results lasting up to six months.

Also, you must become a SPF fanatic for a while afterwards.  This can protect your skin and allow the regrowth to be soft, smooth and supple.

Lastly, Dermaplaning should never be tried at home. It may seem to be as simple as a shave, but in truth it is far more complicated.  Surgical scalpels are used, and they are much more sharp than an average razor.  The process requires a delicate and precise touch, making it almost impossible to perform on yourself.  Save yourself the cuts and scars, and leave it to us!

Dermaplaning is a great solution that does not contain beads or crystals, as they can potentially damage the skin.  Dermaplaning is a clean exfoliation solution without the scratching.  To schedule an appointment, please click Here or call us at 989-598-8001.