Liquid Collagen Shots

Collagen shots by Yana are in stock, and they are incredible.  The idea that healthy skin starts from within isn’t a new one. Research supports the connection between diet and skin health. In fact, adding nutrient-rich foods to our diets can have anti-aging benefits that surpass those of skincare alone. But getting enough of the right foods for healthy skin can be a challenge. Enter YANA™ Daily Collagen Shots, the revolutionary beauty drink that makes it easy to give your skin optimal nutrition, every day.

Yana Daily Collagen Supplement

What is Yana Collagen Drink?

YANA helps to promote youthful, healthy skin from within.* It contains a concentrated blend of hydrolyzed collagen peptides, ceramides, antioxidants and vitamins. It also complements the effects of topical skincare by aiding vital skin functions like collagen synthesis, moisture retention and antioxidant defense.

First, to understand how YANA works, it’s important to recognize the role that collagen plays in youthful-looking skin. Much like architecture, collagen makes up the skin’s support structure. It also strengthens connective tissues, creating a framework that keeps skin firm and slows volume loss.

The skin loses collagen as we age, due to factors like the aging process, sun damage and exposure to pollutants. Lifestyle choices like smoking also damage collagen over time. And that’s where YANA comes in.

This proprietary formula is powered by Lumiplex™, a fusion of advanced technologies that work together to give the skin a youthful, radiant glow. Together with Lumiplex, an ultra-nutraceutical antioxidant complex helps to defend skin against the free radical damage that can contribute to collagen breakdown.*

Like our natural collagen, the bioavailable collagen peptides found in YANA help to boost the skin’s firmness. In fact, YANA delivers essential elements that defend against collagen loss, thus decelerating one of the primary processes that cause skin aging.* It also supports the body’s natural collagen production.* And studies show that YANA reduces wrinkle depth, increases firmness, and improves skin hydration in as little as one month.*

We know that the lower our collagen levels and available amino acids go in our bodies, the greater the increase in fine lines and wrinkles.  As our skin elasticity fades, these fine lines in our skin start to become more permanent. Yana is not just another one of those beauty drinks.  It's another tool in the anti-aging world to help treatment in reducing wrinkles and promoting that healthy supple texture.

YANA Collagen Drink for healthy hair and nails.

Furthermore, YANA doesn’t just benefit the skin. It also contains biotin, a vitamin known to help strengthen hair and nails.* And did we mention the taste? Amazing! You’ll love the delicious citrus flavor on its own or blended with a smoothie or juice.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Yana Daily Collagen Shots
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