Botox Cosmetic

is the most widely recognized cosmetic injectable, and for good reason. Most noteworthy, Botox is the only FDA approved treatment of its kind, and offers exceptional results in the anti-aging field.  And make no mistake, this a Women's AND Men's treatment. Also, you can read more below, or simply Click Here to schedule a consultation with our Certified Master Injector. Most of all, we want to answer your questions fully and create an experience that you won't forget!

Before/After Botox treatment for Crows Feet
Before After
Before/After Botox Treatment for "11's"
Before After

What are people are asking us about BOTOX® Cosmetic?

1.  Will I still look like me? Yes. BOTOX®
Cosmetic subtly smoothes frown lines and crow’s feet. Most of all, it works beneath the surface and targets one of the underlying causes of frown
lines and crow’s feet (the repeated muscle
contractions from frowning and squinting
over the years). As a result, Botox Cosmetic treatments gives our clients natural results that make you look like yourself again.

3. How long is this going to take?  Great news! With minimal downtime and recovery, a typical treatment usually only takes 10-15 minutes.  So get in, get out, and get on with your day.  It is even being called the "lunchtime procedure" by many of our clients.

2. Is it FDA Approved? Yes.  Especially relevant, BOTOX® Cosmetic is the only FDA-approved treatment that temporarily improves both moderate to severe crow’s feet AND frown lines between the brows in adults. Consequently, this is only one of the reasons guests choose to use BOTOX® Cosmetic when being treated.

4. Which of these kind of products are the best?  You guessed it, it's BOTOX® Cosmetic. Consequently, in the United States it is the #1 selling product of its kind.  *Based on data collected through February 2016.

Botox Cosmetic Face Chart

What else should I know about Botox?

It's safe.  Probably like most people, thoughts of a needle going toward your forehead, in between your eyes, or at your eyebrows might seem unnerving, but you can have complete confidence.  Because not only is Botox FDA-approved, but it's a very common (and highly-requested) procedure.

There is no age range necessary.

Dermatologists can't recommend the best age to start or try Botox, since it depends on your goals, your facial expressions, and your preference.  Therefore younger people have been incorporating Botox Cosmetic into their plan as a preventative measure, before wrinkles deepen or even appear.

It's not just for the ladies.

Botox is one of the most wildly popular men's treatments..  In fact it is one of the most common procedures that men undergo, and has coined the term "Bro-Tox". Most noteworthy, it is climbing in popularity at a wild rate. It seems like men are kicking all of the gels and products to the curb and getting a treatment that has lasting results and takes less time to maintain on a daily basis. Read more about this in an article recently published by Forbes by clicking Here.

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