Body Contouring is one of the most sought after processes in the medical aesthetics field. Great news! The industries fastest growing and most cutting edge technology, CoolSculpt is at Tondue.  Permanent fat loss with a non invasive procedure that has zero down time is here, and our customers love it! Learn more by clicking here.

Debra Messing on Coolsculpting

First of all, Coolsculpting is one of the hottest trends in the field of body contouring. Watch the video to the left to see Debra Messing talk about her experience with it.  Watch other videos by clicking Here. Coolsculpting is a non surgical option for permanent fat loss. Even better, it can be done for far less than liposuction or other surgical options. To really kick it all off, Coolsculp Body Contouring has zero down time. As a result, you can get your treatment and get back to your day immediately.

Body Contouring from the inside out

It seems like getting that figure and then keeping it is always a concern.  So let's rev up that metabolism! In doing so, experience enhanced mental clarity and give your body a boost of what it needs. Tondue Medical Spa has Vitamin Injections available, and our clients love them. Learn more Here!

Body Contouring

Because our Lipostat vitamin injections contain a blend of amino acids, B12, B6 and choline, they encourage your body to release fat and use it for energy.  In addition, they can also improve sleep quality, cognitive function, and far more.  Endorsed and recommended by medical professionals around the world, lipostat can help in numerous ways.  Lipostat injections are sold in a series of five, and we constantly hear rave reviews about how our clients feel with them.  Read about the benefits in more detail by clicking Here. Take a look at what our clients have to say about Tondue Medical Spa by clicking Here.

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