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Like many women and men, you may be close to your ideal shape and have been working hard at the gym to gain the muscle and definition you want. Sadly, a disciplined diet and workout regimen don't always guarantee a toned physique. While you could settle for a less than toned appearance or consider invasive surgery, there is a better way to get the body you've always wanted.

CoolTone is a cutting-edge body contouring treatment that increases muscle tone, definition, and firmness, without surgery, incisions, or downtime. Which sounds like the perfect solution to a soft belly, sagging buttocks, or flabby thighs, right?

Like most people, you probably have many questions before getting started with treatment.  Some common questions we get include: How does CoolTone work? Am I a good candidate? How much does CoolTone cost? How is CoolTone different from CoolSculpting? Does CoolTone really work?

To discover answers to these questions and learn about non-surgical muscle toning, continue reading!

Cooltone Female Abdomen

How Does it Work?

CoolTone uses Magnetic Muscle Stimulation to non-invasively deliver pulses to the muscle and requires little to no downtime. More specifically, CoolTone® uses AMP™ technology (Active Magnetic Pulse™) to strengthen, tone, and firm muscle from the outside in. Developed by muscle science experts and informed by leading athletic performances, Active Magnetic Pulse™ (AMP™) patterns are designed to warm up, tone, firm, and strengthen muscles while also providing active recovery.

In clinical studies, patients gained 16% muscle mass after a series of 4 treatments with CoolTone.

Am I a good candidate for CoolTone?

Ideal candidates are already physically active and adhere to a healthy diet and lifestyle consistently, but desire more definition of their abs or lifting of their buttocks. CoolTone can also improve abdominal separation after pregnancy, as well as back pain in some individuals who are unable to perform regular core strengthening exercises. If you currently exercise and eat healthily, you are likely a good candidate for CoolTone. Our expert CoolSculpting treatment providers will give you a very personalized consultation, assessing everything from fat reduction and skin tightening to diet and muscle conditioning with CoolTone.

How many CoolTone treatments are needed?

For best results, we recommend 6 initial 30-minute treatments, twice a week for 3 weeks. To maintain initial results, we recommend one treatment every 3 months, although many patients prefer to do a maintenance treatment monthly.

What regions of the body can be treated with CoolTone?

CoolTone is currently FDA-cleared for the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs. However, other areas of the body may benefit from increased muscle tone and fat metabolism.

Areas well-suited for treatment may include:

Abdomen Buttocks Biceps / Triceps Thighs

What does CoolTone feel like? Does CoolTone hurt?

No, CoolTone is not painful - it simply feels like a series of powerful muscle contractions. Thinner subjects may feel CoolTone treatments more, as well as a decrease in energy. Some patients tend to instinctively smile or laugh during the first few minutes; after which the body adapts to the rhythm of muscle contractions and it's easily tolerated.

Is CoolTone Safe?

Not only is the CoolTone technology FDA-approved for non-invasive muscle building, but it is also produced by one of the most esteemed and reputable aesthetic companies in the world.

As such, patients can rest assured that they are receiving an extremely safe and effective treatment.

As one of the only treatments to build and tone muscles, CoolTone offers a number of unique benefits.

To start, it is an FDA-approved, non-invasive, non-surgical, and zero-downtime procedure. This means that patients don't have to worry about the risks of anesthesia, incisions, scarring, or a painful and lengthy healing process.

CoolTone is also quick and convenient and can usually be completed in one-to-two hours. In fact, many patients undergo treatment over their lunch break and are then free to go about their day as they normally would. They can even exercise later that evening, so they don't have to take a break from their fitness regimen.

If that's not enough, CoolTone is also painless. Other than some minor warmth and muscle soreness, patients don't feel much of anything during the procedure. The following day, the treated area may be tender as if you just completed a strenuous workout.

Best of all, CoolTone has the ability to give women and men the muscle definition in their abs, lifted butt, and sleek thighs that have eluded them for years – despite a well-balanced diet, endless crunches, and squats, and undergoing other body contouring treatments.


CoolTone Female Abdomen

Is CoolTone Treatment Permanent?

With a healthy diet and regular exercise, CoolTone treatment will have lasting results. Patients will see results immediately after this body contouring treatment and results continue to improve for several weeks after treatment. As with muscle-building from exercise and weight training, increased muscle mass with CoolTone is not permanent but can last for 6 months or longer. To maintain the results of CoolTone, it is recommended to have periodic body contouring treatments.

How is CoolTone more effective than Emsculpt?

These treatments are very similar, with one big exception. CoolTone delivers 50 percent more magnetic intensity than Emsculpt. This creates more toning in the treatment areas: the abs, buttocks, thighs, and arms.

How is CoolTone different than CoolSculpting?

These treatments are not remotely similar, other than the “cool” in their titles. CoolSculpting is the world's most popular body-contouring procedure. It uses controlled cooling technology delivered down into the treatment areas. The cooling is set to the temperature at which fat cells freeze and die, but these temperatures don't harm the adjacent skin and muscle tissue cells. The fat cells freeze and the body then pass them out through the lymphatic system over the course of the next few weeks after the treatment. CoolSculpting delivers proven fat reduction it eliminates 24 percent of the fat cells in the treatment areas. CoolSculpting is a fat reduction procedure.

The CoolTone body contouring treatment is made by Allergan, the same company that now owns CoolSculpting. That explains the similar name. CoolTone does not involve cooling in any way, however. Instead, CoolTone uses electromagnetic energy that passes through skin and fat layers and targets the muscles beneath. This electromagnetic energy induces tens of thousands of involuntary muscle contractions in these muscles, far more than could be achieved with exercise. These muscle contractions tone and build muscle fiber. This sculpts and firms the treatment areas. CoolTone is a muscle-toning treatment, not a fat reduction treatment like CoolSculpting.

Is There Any Downtime?

There is no downtime after getting a CoolTone treatment. You will feel like you had a very intense workout.

Why Is CoolTone Effective?

The electrical current induced by the CoolTone device gently flows directly into muscle and not into fat. The electrical current flows to nearby motor nerve structures that stimulate contractions. The current gets maxed out, causing a huge range of muscle fiber contractions.

This intense external electrical stimulus is not achieved with normal exercise. The CoolTone is able to “excite” the fast-twitch muscle fibers, causing maximum benefit.

Is CoolTone for Men or Women?

CoolTone can help both women and men build muscle and achieve a more toned and sculpted physique.

If you're a man that's spent innumerable hours in the gym and hasn't been able to get the results you want, then CoolTone can offer an ideal solution. That's because CoolTone induces extremely powerful involuntary muscle contractions that cannot be replicated with even the most rigorous workouts.

Plus, it can help you achieve the chiseled look you've been envisioning while avoiding surgery, incisions, anesthesia, and a lengthy recovery.

CoolTone Before After Male

How Muscles Strengthen

Skeletal muscles connected to bones in your body can grow weak due to inactivity. Conversely, they grow stronger with intense exercise such as weight training. When muscles work harder than they are used to, microscopic damage occurs within the fibers, resulting in soreness or stiffness. This is a sign that the muscles are repairing themselves. Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) usually begins a day after exercise and can last up to five days. Some patients who have undergone CoolTone treatments may also experience this effect. The process to repair these muscles is known as hypertrophy, which involves the body sending specialized cells to the site of the “injured muscles” to strengthen them with new protein strands and make them stronger. CoolTone kick-starts hypertrophy, leading to increased size and strength.

What to Expect During CoolTone Treatment

The CoolTone device looks like a box on four wheels with a computer screen on the top with an attached handpiece that one of our technicians applies across the body where you want to achieve more muscle definition. During treatment, muscles adapt to the intense electromagnetic energy to remodel and develop new muscle tissue. You will not feel pain, but you may feel slight muscle spasms. Treatments typically last 30 to 45 minutes. During your session, our technician can increase the strength of the applied energy as appropriate.

What is the Recovery Period?

You'll experience no downtime, so you can schedule CoolTone treatment on your lunch hour and head back to work. You may feel, however, like you have gone through an intense workout. Some patients feel muscle soreness in the targeted area, similar to the effects that occur after an intense workout, for a day or two following the procedure.

Answers to some Frequently Asked Questions.

The CoolTone applicator generates a magnetic field that creates a current when it passes through a conductive muscle. The induced current is stronger in the muscle layer and the body responds to these contractions by strengthening its muscle fibers and improving muscle conditioning. The result is the stronger, firmer, and more toned thigh, buttock, and abdominal muscles.


Your brain can naturally trigger a muscle contraction, but external stimulation, like CoolTone's MMS technology, can bypass the natural order. MMS recruits more muscle fibers and generates stronger contractions.


CoolTone™ uses Magnetic Muscle Stimulation (MMS) to selectively deliver strong pulses to muscle tissues in a non-invasive manner. CoolTone's MMS technology penetrates into the muscle layers and induces involuntary muscle contractions, all in a safe and effective treatment. CoolTone™ is FDA-cleared to strengthen, tone, and firm the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs.

Safe and effective, CoolTone technology uses Magnetic Muscle Stimulation (MMS) to deliver virtually painless pulses of energy into targeted muscle layers, creating involuntary muscle contractions. Your body responds to these contractions by strengthening its muscle fibers, resulting in improved muscle tone. Over time, targeted muscle groups will become stronger, firmer, and more defined.

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