Steps to your Shut-In Skincare Regimen

While you’re staying home, it’s a great time to establish a consistent skincare routine. We’ve laid out an example skincare routine for “normal” skin with some product recommendations:

Morning Skincare Routine

Evening Skincare Routine 

If wearing makeup ALWAYS remove before washing your face. It’s an important step in your night routine. You want to make sure you remove all your makeup. This allows you to start with a clean face so all of your products  can work efficiently!

While it may look like there are several steps in these routines, you don’t have to have this many! You can certainly make your routine specific to you and we are happy to help. Skincare consultations at Tondue are always complimentary.  

During this time period that we are closed, we are offering virtual consultations via Zoom or FaceTime. To schedule one, please email us at:

You can also purchase your SkinMedica products through our online store!

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