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Fall Skincare Routine | ft. Skin Medica: Aha/Bha & Lytera

We have been FALLing in love with the fall season around here! At Tondue, we have been transitioning into the fall weather by grabbing a pumpkin spice latte, enjoying the cool fall weather, waiting for the leaves to change and, of course, updating our shelves and skincare routines for the new season.

One of our most asked questions is, should my skincare be different during different times of the year?

And the answer is yes!

The change in weather, especially in Michigan, can impact our skin in countless ways and can alter what we should be focusing most on in our skincare routine.

We want to make this transition easy for you, so we picked out a couple of our top skincare items that can give you some guidance for transitioning into an effective fall skincare routine:

AHA/BHA Cleanser

One of the most common things we tell our clients is that after a long summer, there can be dead cell buildup on your skin, which can leave your skin feeling rough or dull. We recommend our SkinMedica AHA/BHA because it is an excellent exfoliator, which will remove the dead skin without stripping away moisture!

What is it?

This incredible exfoliator is naturally derived from alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) combined with beta-hydroxy acid (BHA) to improves skin tone, texture, and help reveal brighter looking skin. One of the best things about this exfoliator is that is works for all skin types.


As much fun as a day at the lake or pool is throughout the summer, the tans that came along can cause sun damage that we’ll all be paying for later with dark spots or uneven skin tone. So, another thing that we recommend to our clients during this skincare transition of summer to fall is to try Lytera Skin Brightening Complex.

What is it?

Lytera is one of our best-selling products! It brightens dull skin and minimizes the appearance of discoloration and dark spots. It improves evenness of skin tone and improves in overall skin condition after just 12 weeks of use. Its main benefits include brightening skin, minimizing skin discoloration, minimizing the appearance of dark spots, and improves overall skin condition. It can also be used for all skin types!

Both the AHA/BHA and Lytera are available for purchase right here at Tondue or you can shop these products online!

Or maybe you’re already thinking: “I know about these products and use them every day, are there any NEW SkinMedica products?”

And the answer is, yes!

SkinMedica is constantly coming out with new products, with their Lumivive being their most recent release that helps protect your skin from blue light (the light that comes from your computers and phones)!

These are just a couple of our tips and favorite products that we suggest during this time of the year, but for the best results you can always book a consultation right here at the spa. Our aestheticians are trained in helping you find the right combination of skincare and treatment for your skin type and goals.

What are your go-to fall skincare products?

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