What’s in Roxanne’s Beach Bag?

Here at Tondue we are getting ready for Spring Break and some sunshine!

As we get our bags packed and ready to go, our owner and nurse injector, Roxanne, is sharing what’s in her beach bag:

HA5 Smooth & Plump Lip System // This is not just a beach bag must-have but an every bag must have! This fabulous product is excellent for plumping, hydrating and smoothing your lips. You’ll also notice an increased rosiness in color, so it’s a great way to simplify your beauty routine.

Bonus: it’s TSA Friendly, so keep it in your carry on for touch ups while you’re en route!

Smoothing & Contouring Lotion // You’ve been working on that bikini body (and maybe even got a little help from CoolSculpting!) and it’s time to show it off! This lotion is addition to your body care routine and helps with firming and slimming with a blend of caffeine and retinol, along with smoothing skin with zinc, copper and oat protein. It’s a favorite product you’ll want to use all year-round!

Sunscreens // You know how we feel about sunscreen – DON’T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT! We have several sunscreen options at the spa, and Roxanne recommends taking both a tinted and untinted option. You can wear a tinted product, like our SkinMedica Essential Defense as your “foundation” for active days and then use our SkinMedica Total Defense and Repair under your makeup or on its own for makeup-free days!

And don’t forget your HA5 Hydrator for post-sun care to keep your golden glow looking its very best.

TNS Essential Serum // TNS is another everyday essential that Roxanne recommends taking with you on your trip to maintain a healthy skincare routine. This powerhouse product is one we recommend for all skin types to target issues texture, fine lines and wrinkles and works to enhance your skin tone.

You can also count on Roxanne to be representing Team Tondue on the beach in our awesome new hats (which are available now at the spa too!).

What are you taking with you on Spring Break? Join us in the spa this week to pick up any last minute products and essentials to keep you looking and feeling your best on the road  – including 20% off all sunscreen products this week only (expires on 3/24).

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